I figured out why alot of relationships don't work. I'm talking about without the cheating on each other and other shit. This is the problem with some females in straight, bi and gay relationships.

Females tend to trust easier than men. This is true and a known fact. A female is QUICK to call someone her friend or lover and they JUST met them. With a guy they'll hang out with you all day shit all week, and still won't calim you as their friend, until they feel they can have some trust in you.

The problem is that a female want to love and be loved and they want it so bad that two weeks into their relationship their already calling the guy or girl their hubby/wifey or "this my man/woman". I mean you just met don't jump so quick into the relationship. This is a problem with men too.

People jump into relationships too quick. They don't even know each other, so when sex does come into play that seems to be the main thing they want. I have been a victim of this a few times, but I have learned myself that it takes time to get to know someone.

Thats why when you hear people saying, it was all good in the beginning and now all we do is argue. Their true colors started to show. That's because you jumped into to quick.

I, NOW, know that when I get with someone, before we claim each other, we gone get to know each other to where I can see his/her true colors before we make it a relationship. Then I'll know if this is what I want to deal with and who I want to be with. It's hard because when it does seem to be going good, you just want to start it right then and there, but NO relationship is perfect. Even after you have REALLY got to know that person you still gon have problems and argue, but you'll know what you're dealing with when you do.


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