When A Person Doesn't Want to Be Bothered...

If a person does not want to be bothered with, why do people consistently try to talk to them. If I didn't answer you that right there means I don't feel like talking to you. If I don't speak to you at all that means I DON'T want to talk you. If a person doesn't feel like being bothered there are signs they show you and they are clears as day.

I'm not pointing out the signs, because you should already know them. And You do know them. Yet you still try to talk to that person or make them talk to you. Then when they yell at you or curse at you or have an attitude. You feel like your feelings were hurt.

So stop trying to talk or mess with people who don't want to be bothered and then your daye won't be messed.

Different Location, Same Stubborn Ass Ways! It Gets Worse!

We're moving! Do I honestly think things are going to change once we move into our new house? I say this in the most positive way. 'No.'

Things won't change. They will still be same people they are now just in a different location. They're still going do what they are doing now in the new home. Things will never change because they don't want to change.

I say this with utmost positive outlook. I'm oozing so much positivity it's ridiculous. I am positive that things will now get worse once we move.

But I won't be there for long to witness it. I have my own plans to rid myelf of these people.

If I Could Be Estranged, I Would Be Happy!

I understand I am not in the place to judge people, but I can observe and give an opinion. Though an opinion is like a judgement, but without a harsh outcome.

I can say a lot thing that would make the meanest person in the world or it could come out as me sounding like the biggest baby in the world. I don't really care what people will think.

If I could be estranged from my entire family. I would not mind. I will actually be happier. If I could wake up one morning and not see thier faces or hear their voices. I'm in my own home miles away from them. It would be a prayer answered.

Do I love my family? Yes. Do I want to be around them? No.

Sad isn't it?

I would be fine not having a relationship with them.