There IS a DIFFERENCE between Bisexuality and Bicurious.

I have come to the conclusion that most of your girls on her don't know what bisexual really means. Some of you just put it there because you may find other girls attractive, but when you come to the conclusion that you can NEVER see yourself having sex with another girl... then your just BICURIOUS!!!! Some of your just put it there because you know alot of guys are going to add you because they THINK they can get an automatic threesome and some guys think that is sexy.

Bisexuals are pople who like the same and opposite sex. Some bisexuals like the same sex more than the opposite sex and some like the opposite sex more than their same sex. They are attracted to both genders and have sex with both genders. Not just one gender and think the other is just cute, because that makes you... either STRAIGHT or a LESBIAN.

Bicuriuos are people who may find themselves attracted to both genders and may have fantasies and dream about the same sex or a threesome, but they would never go through with it, unless they REALLY want to do it.

When they ask are you bi on here. They mean BISEXUAL not bicurius, because that confuse a BISEXUAL person of the same sex who is interested in you.

There is a difference and I wish some of you would realize that because you are putting out the wrong message about yourself.


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