Emotional Tracking Device

That's what I call it. Not sure if it really exist but I'm pretty sure it does exist.

What is it? Emotional Tracking Device (ETD), is an invisible tracking device that our exes have implanted in our emotions. It is so they can know when you have gotten or are about to get over them and moved on. You may still be single or dating but you have gotten over your ex, or on your way. When that happens, a trigger goes off and your ex gets this gut feeling and the next thing you know your exes are trying to contact you; phone, text, email or even friend request and if you are still online friends with your ex (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc) you will probably get a message from them.

Now sometimes the message will be short and sweet. They will try to meet up with you, see how you are doing. They will try to get into your business. Basically wanting to know why and how you've gotten over them.

Then [sometimes] there is the message that will be an invitation to a quickie or sex. If this is the ex that you "loved" and thought you would never get over and you kept running back to him/her. This could be a problem, especially if you have a significant other.

Sometimes you won't be completely over them maybe about 60% to 80% over them. This is where the person will usually let the ex come back in and/or cheat on their significant others.

ETD is no joke people. Think about it.

Ever noticed when you are over someone and moved on, whether you are still single or in a relationship, your exes start to try to contact you? You noticed little by little they start calling more, texting more, commenting on statuses and pictures (if your still facebook friends), wanting to come over and see you or you come see them. They start calling your friends (the mutual ones) and wanting to hangout out with them knowing you will be there, alone or with significant other. Now these don't always happen, I'm just giving scenarios.

If you have noticed these signs. It is because of the ETD, the "Emotional Tracking Device". Now ETD is only effective for the selfish people that don't want you to get over them. For what reasons? I don't know. It varies in different people.

Here is a little tip to block the ETD. You can't! I'm sorry. Just let it flow. If you are completely over that person you can talk to them, but let them know there is no chance of a do-over. If you don't want to talk to them just tell them to stop. You can be nice or blunt and bold as can be. Just make sure you get the point across. For those are not over their exes. Don't reply back to the messages at all. Especially if you are in a relationship.

Complicated People

Why are people so complicated? I don't get it. Why not just lay out what you want to say to a person. You never know that person might want the same thing.