I have so many stories that I cannot count, but since most are on hiatus. I will only put up the links to the stories I am currently working on now. Want to read out my finished and hiatus stories click these links. FanFiction.Net, FictionPress and Jonas Brothers Fanfiction Archive

The Adventures of Joe & Macy
A series of smut, lust, and romantic ventures starring Macy and Joe!

An Accident Meant to Happen
It was accident that never was suppose to happen. Now that it has, Alex couldn't be any happier. She just wish she didn't have to heard the one she loved. With happiness it comes sadness. Was it the right decision to make?

A Wizards Tragedy
When Alex returned back to Transylvania to see if Mason loved her, things don't go as planned. Mason attacks and it is up to Juliet to save her life, but when she news of her new life she isn't too thrilled. Until she gets a taste of the night life!

The Tales of Waverly Place
Freaky things are happening over on Waverly Place. Especially at the Waverly Place Sub Station. Take a peek into the stories of the Russo family and their friends. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Sleeping Beauty
They said it took a kiss from her one true love to wake her, but he had other plans.

Moans, Groans, & Satisfying Cries
A series of erotic stories about the Jonas Brothers and their friends. The Jonas Brothers are not as innocent as you think. Those boys got a dark and dirty side to them as they hide behind those fake purity rings. If only their fans knew. Oh wait! They are about to know now.

My Best Friend the Serial Killer
Demi has been knowing Joe for years and always thought there was something off about him. Though she would have never guessed that her best friend could be a serial killer. With all signs pointing to Joe, Demi finds herself in a very awkward situation.


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