Out with the Old. In with the New!

I am deleting all the contacts out of my phone, except the ones i dp actually talk, which NOT even that many. The others ones are just waste of space. I'm due for some new friends. Maybe ones who care about me as much as I care about them.

Why am I doing this? Well I have 37 contacts in my phone. These include family members, friends, restuarants, and others. If we took away the restuarants, family members, and the friend who I DO talk to. Then I have over 20 something people who are just wasting space in my phone. Those space could go to new people and friends I could met in the near future.

None of the people in my contact calls me. Maybe a few. So what's the purpose of keeping. I can't even get in contact with them. I know most of them are not even busy.

I like to text, but I also like to talk. That is the main reason I have a phone. TO TALK. I text because people text stupid shit, I am not talking about forwards. How can you text me to say "What up?" or "What u doin?" and I text you back and you hit me back at all. Don't text me wasting my time. You could have called me and asked my that and we could've had a decent conversation.

I'm not getting into though. I'm going to have alot of empty space in my phone tonight.

That is all!


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