I Feel Pressured by Family to Have a Child!

I am the only one in this generation of my family to not have any kids. Which is the 4th Generation and consist between the age range of 20 to 25. I kind of feel like I'm being pressured to have kids. My mom keeps asking, my cousins keep making comments and some of my friends are wondering why. Sometimes I feel bad. Sometimes I get mad.

I know that I can have kids. The doctors told me so. Its just I am not ready for a child yet and I'm not stable enough to take care of a child. Some people call me selfish because I want to get all my party years out of the way before I have a child. Plus there are things I want to do that a child would interfere with. I want to live my life way and do things and not have to worry about a child and where and when I can find somebody to baby-sit.

I actually think I'm not selfish. NOT ONE BIT. If you think about it when I do have my child. I have lived my life the way I wanted to and I don't have to look back and try to play catch up. My clubbin days will have come to an end or I won't be going out as much. And running around and hanging with my friends will just be play dates and chillin at the houses.

My child will be my number one priority and nothing else. I don't have to worry about getting someone to watch my child when I can do that myself. Yeah I'll go out sometimes, but then I can count on my mommy to watch my child, she'll be old anyway. Just kiddin.

I am 24 years old. I have cousins and friends my age and some a few years under. They sometimes can't go out because their mothers are not about to watch their kid. They feel already raised and watched their child and they are not about raise and watch yours. Or they can't get someone to watch their child. I like that I can come and go as I please. I'm PROUD of that. I wish my family and friends would realize that. Well some do.

The reason why I am not pregnant or have a child is... I'm TRYING to NOT get pregnant. I go to my OB-GYN after every single home BBT test I take. So I know when I'm ovulating and when I shouldn't have sex. I count my days when the time comes. I'm not ready, but if I do become pregnant between now and the age I actually waiting to have a kid. I'll do whatever it takes to take care of my child.

Before I end the nice lengthy blog. I want to say. To those who do have kids. I'm not downing you at all. If I offended you its only because you took this blog that way.


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