Maybe He’s Just Not Into You Or....

First of all, this is not a review to the movie starring Drew Barrymore and that other chick and that guy. I haven't seen the movie and I don't even know if it's out yet or been out. This is just another blog I'm posting to vent some frustrations. It is not and I repeat, IS NOT, directed towards anybody at all.
So if you give a number, YOUR number to be exact, to guy right? You kind of expect that guy to call you. Then when or if he doesn't you feel or think that he is not interested in you. I mean you gave him your number for a reason, unless you just randomly give your number out to different guys. If that is not the case then you are kind of expecting a call from that guy.
But... wait you can't get mad! If he didn't ask for your number, you shouldn't have given it out. I know he took the number from you, but that doesn't mean a damn thing. Unless the guy ask for thr number then there maybe a slight chance that he is interested and does want to call you.
Me, personally, I would've gotten his number first or got it after I gave him mines. Don't get me wrong, I mean if you like the guy and you want to get to know him, you give your number, but be sure that he feels the same as you. Just because he programmed your number into his phone around you, doesn't mean he is not going to erase it after you walk away or leave.
I, myself, hate when guys do this. If you are NOT gonna to call me. Don't take my number, because in a way I will be expecting a call from you. After a few days have passed and you don't call, it kind of sucks. You guys hate it when a female does to you, so imagine how we feel.
I don't get it. You say you feeling a girl and/but that you want to take things slow. If you are feeling a person you kind of want to get to know that person. So I think if you are not going to be seeing this person everyday, you should at least call. I mean you can't take things slow and see how the person really is and whatnot unless you TALK to that person. I hope you don't expect that person to come up to your job everday; spending her gas money and car-fare [bus fare], just to see you, when you can't even call. Like really? If this person has a job of their own and have to work and do other things. That is not going to happen.
Seriously, if you like someone let it be known, because that is how you end up losing the good ones.
This goes for the females too... ya'll be acting the same way and wonder why yo can't get a good man.


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