I really hate the use the word "niggas", because to me it's just a slang word for "nigger" though black people try to use it as way to communicate with each other. To me its different and today I have to use the word and I'm using "niggas" to describe ignorant people. Such as boys who THINK they are men, but don't know how to grow up. Ignorant niggas who stay in their comfort zone, knowing its doing nothing good for them. Ignorant niggas who are stuck in their ways, and either don't want to grow out of them or don't know how to get out of them. These are the "niggas" I'm blogging about today.

Well actually refferring to and focusing on one nigga at this moment. I would call him a man and I would call him a boy, but me calling him those would be an insult to the human race. He knows who he is and I don't give a damn.

How can you be willing to change your ways one moment and the next you back to your old ways? I know the male race are just as confusing as the females, but damn this nigga is crazy. It is amazing how you can go on like that and expect there to be no consequences. You actually think no one is going to say something to you. Are you fucking kidding me? Are you that out of whack with life? Are you retarded? I mean, like damn.

You really think you can go on in life like this? You really honest to God think you can go on in life like this... and be successful? NIGGA these bitches will cut you down and spit you out. No female in her right mind would want a guy like you. Well just for a friendly fuck every once in a blue moon. Then after they get what they want. You're out of the picture and most of the time... forgotten. Your like that guy that the girl slept with, because she extremely horny and the next day she forgets who you are, and when she meets you again its... 'I fucked you? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? I fucked you! What the FUCK was I thinking? I had to either be extremely horny, pissed-faced drunk, or STUPID AS HELL!!!!' She'll probably do 35 Hail Mary's everyday for the rest of her life. "What the fuck was I thinking?" What the fuck WAS she thinking?

Denying the fact that you have a girl to any and every body that you meet! Really pisses me off. If you can't appreciate your girlfriend, then you are SHIT to her and you DON'T DESERVE her either, but yet if you find out she denies your black ass you ready to cuss, scream, yell, hissyfit, bitch, moan, groan, cry, and PMS all over her ass. How the hell you gon get mad when you doing that same thing?

Lying to your girlfriend, telling her your always busy, you got this and that to do. You don't be wanting to talk to nobody, you don't call anybody. When your girlfriend PAYS YOUR BILLS, WELL because ya'll on a shared plan. Don't you think that when she gets the bills she checks out ya'll call log. I've seen your bill... and dammit the outgoing calls outwieght the incoming calls.

Cheating. Oh my god. Cheating. Why must you cheat so much. Why? Why? Why? I don't see the point in cheating. You always get caught. Why not just leave the person you're with. Is it the fact that you can fuck two people at once? Does that notion turns you on? Really? Because from medical belief that is how dieases get spreaded and niggas end up getting the other girl pregnant. You're in deep shit now. Got an STD with a baby on the way. Why cheat and then why get mad at your girl when she is doing the same thing you are.

I came to the conclusion that niggas, not men, are way worse off than women when it comes to emotions and the mind. Men are way more sensitive than women and far more delusional then women. I watch "Tough Love" on VH1 and I come to believe it's the men that have the problem, not the women. Back to my blog.

You're a loser. You're a liar. You're selfish. You're RETARDED and need to get your act together before you end up alone. Please take my advice. Stop being a tool. You're girl loves you and she puts up with your shit, for, I don't know what reason, but stop what you are doing, before you lose a good woman and lose your 80 and end up with a 20.

That is all my good friend. Goodnight.

Wet Dreams and Moist Nightmares to Everybody!


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