Libra's Love Compatibility

Libra's Love Compatibility
Libra Birth Dates: September 21 - October 20
Element: Air

A Good Love Match With: Aquarius and Gemini
A Zodiac love match between Aquarius and Libra is all about sharing, sharing sharing ... it's a beautiful thing to see. With Gemini a Libra finds that romantic spark that makes romance passionate. Gemini and Libra make a lively love combination ... and very passionate combination, too.

Somewhat Romanticlly Compatible With : Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo and Cancer
The loving bonds between a Libra and a Scorpio can be passion, sexual and strong if the stars and planets align right ... if not, it'll be work. With Sagittarius, a Libra will find lots of friendship, adventure and romance ... if Sagittarius can accept that (to a Libra) not all adventures are worth taking. A Libra can love the passion and power of Leo, but can Leo find love in sharing quiet time with a Libra. If a Libra can find a balance between logic and emotion, then a romantic love with Cancer can be powerful stuff.

Least Romantically Compatible With: Aries, Capricorn and Virgo
Aries and Libra can attract each other is passionate lust ... but there it ends unless a LOT of work is done to find love. In romance, Capricorn is practical, conservative sometimes and Libra just isn't. Where Libra loves to chat endless and enjoy life, Virgo is measuring if romance is worthwhile ... and is it?

Maybe Love, Maybe Not: Pisces, Taurus and another Libra
With a Virgo, a romantic encounter with a Pisces (especially sexually) is either endlessly interesting or just endlessly undefined. Romance between a Taurus and a Virgo is a case of the school teacher finding romance with a school yard bully with a heart of gold. No telling how it'll work out. A Libra with a Libra will either talk all night ... or try romance ... either is OK.


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