I want a tongue ring!

I really want a tongue ring. It's not even a sex thing. I just like the noise it makes when you brush it across your teeth, and the way it feel when you kiss someone. I really want one.

The only problem I have with a tongue ring is that people automatically think just because a person wants a tongue ring, they suck dick or eat pussy. So what if I do. That is NOT the reason I want one.

I can sit here and say this all I want, but people are still going to think that you give head or face if or when you want a tongue ring. I want one because the rings I saw in the store looked cute. They had this Tinkerbell tongue ring, and I looove me some Tinkerbell, it was just so cute.

Tongue rings weren't made for giving head or eating pussy, they were made the same reason earrings and bellly-button rings were made, to look pretty and maybe even show off. I mean the orgin of tongue piercings came from the Native Aztecs to talk to the gods. How can you associate that with the immortal sins of oral sex?

But now since alot of people have associated tongue rings with oral sex. It kind of make some people not want to get one, because of all the judgement. I think that's wrong, because I know some people who have tongue rings, boys and girls, and they don't believe in oral sex. Me, personally I just want one because that Tinkerbell ring was just TOO cute. If I do give my man head so what, big deal. People suck dick and eat pussy WITHOUT a tongue ring. Atleast a tongue ring adds to the pleasure.


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