Advice to Answer Rude Calls!

when someone calls your phone and says "who is this?"
HANG UP!!! hang the fuck UP on their asses! that is just fucking rude. how the hell you gon call MY house and ask 'who is this?', no sweetie who are you. maybe you should check the number and dial again. i don't care if you even if you know that more than one person or more than one family lives there. you say, "may be speak to so and so", not "who is this."
my cousin does that all the damn time when she calls, damn you don't know my voice yet? the hell? everytime she call.
me: hello... hello?
her: who is this?
me: no, who is this? you called this phone.
her: (attitude) who is this?
me: (click)
i know who it is on the phone, because i know her voice, and i know who she wants to talk to, but if like i said if you want to talk to a certain person just ask to speak to that person.


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