I'm A Hoe Because I Have Male Friends!!!

How am I a hoe? Because I hang around more guys than I do females? Because I have more male friends than I do females? Because you see me with a different guy every once in a while? How am I a hoe? Please somebody, anybody tell me why and how am I a hoe? Because I am very confused.

You mean to tell me that its okay for ONE guy to have TEN female friends? But let me, ONE female, have THREE to FIVE male friends and I get labeled a hoe? Wow! What pisses me off even more, because it the females that's doing the name calling. I never knew females fed into this double standard bullshit.

You can have friends of the opposite sex and not want to or even think about having sex with them. I don't know where people got idea that we were only put on this earth just to fuck each other.

You can have friends of the opposite sex and only think of them in a platonic way. I have FIVE of them and yes they are good looking sexy motherfuckers, but I could never see myself dating them. I mean of course I thought about it, it is NORMAL and NATURAL to think about it, but you will never react on it.

I don't understand how I could be labeled a hoe. I never had sex with them. I never dated them. I have done nothing but been seen in public with them. Sometimes THREE of them or TWO or even ONE. So what? That's just like going out with females... but I guess because they are guys, thats means I'm fucking them and I'm a hoe. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!

I'm not explaining myself to anyone and I'm not going to stop being friends with them either. I have female friends too and I go out with them too. I don't prefer male friends over female friends. I just happen to get along with males the better. Yes, my bestfriend is a FEMALE, love you sexy lady, but my friends are mostly males. If you can't digest that, then walk away from me.

This is mainly towards the females. Don't you have males friends that you don't fuck? Then why can't have male friends that I don't fuck?

Ladies you are the reason men and boys think its OK to call us hoes, sluts, bussa, tricks, bitches. They think if we're calling each other those names. So can they. They think its OK do what they please with us. Ladies take a good look at whats going on around you and STOP IT.

I'm tired of it!


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