Underage or Overage Dating

Okay now I have a lot to say on this subject. Why is it when someone brings up the discussion on dating someone younger than you, they always bring up two of these excuses... "how would you feel if a 25 year old wanted to talk to your child that is 12" or "wouldn't it feel like you were dating your younger sibling?" That really pisses me off when they bring that up.

Okay, (1) If I had a 12 year old kid and the person who like them was 25 or older. I wuld have to step in, because that it TOO old, 13 years too old. But if it was a 18 or 19 year older. I would tell his or her ass to wait.

(2) I would not feel like I'm dating a sibling, because the person that I may like is NOT my sibling. Also my lil brother, if he was still alive, would be 18 and I could care less, who he dates and how old they are.

I'm not the one to step in the way of love. If you have a strong connection with someone younger than you or older than you. The connection is strong and you really get along with the person. Then go for it. The bible says nothing wrong with dating soeone younger or older than you. I live by "Gods Law" instead of mans law, anyway. So I guess that is just me.


  1. So true! I agree with you completely! Love matters, age doesnt!

    I'm not a Christian and I don't know what my religion (Hinduism) says about dating, but here in India it is quite common for older guys to date younger girls. The age diff is usually 3-5 yrs, sometimes 10 yrs.