Fake Numbers... Stop It!

I have never in my life given out a fake number. I just don't give out my number period. If I don't want you to have it. You're not getting it. When a guy or girl comes up to me and ask for my number... "No thank you. I'm not interested" or "I don't give out my number to just antybody!"

Don't give out fake numbers please, you might end up giving out someone number and it IS your fault they have to deal with a stalker. Stop giving out fakes numbers and just WALK AWAY or just say "NO!!!"
The reason I'm making this blog is because someone dumb chick decided to give a guy a fake number. What she didn't know was... that fake number turned out to be MY CELL PHONE NUMBER. I had to deal weeks with this damn fool telling him. I don't know him, I never met, I don't know what he looks likes, I DON'T EVEN LIKE DUDES!!!. Finally his stupid ass realized that chick give him a fake number. []
There are plenty of reason you shouldn't give out fake numbers.
(1) You might end up giving someones REAL number, They have to deal with tha stalker, because of you!
(2) When that person finds out it's a fake number and they end up seeing you agaon. You MIGHT have some reprecussion.
(3) It's a stupid thing to do anyway.
(4) If you are going to give out a fake number.... GIVE THEM THE NUMBER TO THE REJECTIONS HOTLINE. If you don't the numbe. Here is the website, so you can give out numbers from your area.
(5)That is all!!!

Wet Dreams and Moist Nightmares to Everybody!


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