Wait For You?

Okay I see that I am in one of my moods. Where so many subjects pop in my head and I just have to talk about them or atleast blog it.

(Clears Throat)

People kill me. They want you wait for them, while they go mess around with any and everybody they see. People are so selfish.

Once they feel or see that you are doing the same thing. They want to get mad you and break everything off.

Why should I wait for you? When you can't wait for me? Why should you be the one that gets to mess around while I sit there all alone with no one but myself. I have needs too! You out there messing around with everybody and I only have to do you.

What if I get horny and you out doing someone else? What? I'm supposed to go take a cold shower? Play with myself? No!

I am not going to wait for you. If you know you want to be with me. Then be with me and no one else.

This blog is directed to NO ONE! So don't flatter yourself.


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