What is a Coward?

I write blogs when I feel the need to. Sometimes I end up writing 2 to 5 blogs in one night. That's when I have a lot to say about a lot of different things that one blog cannot hold. This is one of those nights. Read at your own will, I can't force you.

Coward (n.) : one who lacks courage or shows shameful fear or timidity.
chicken, craven, dastard, poltroon, recreant, sissy; also defeatist, quitter, punk, wussy.

Like not standing up for ones self or for others, such as family members or friend, when they are not present to defend themselves. Cowards are contradictist too. They go against themselves when they are afraid to stand up for what the believe in. When someone talks about someone, that coward is right there to help talk about that someone, even when that someone is family or friends. Cowards are people I tend to frey from. People who I cannot stand.

It's hard when you live with a coward and that coward is someone of authority. You cannot not shake your head at a coward. You can't even stop yourself for laughing, in your head, sometimes out loud, at a coward. Try it and tell me about it.

Cowards have no backbone. It's shocking the stand up straight, but you then you see that YELLOW line lying on their back. That's a sign or caution and yeild. A warning that this person is a coward and you should stay away from this person. Cowards causes problems and should be shot on the spot. Yes I said shot. I wish death on no one, so when I say shot. I mean a shot of a dose of backbone juice and some clorox to wipe that yellow line away.

Oh cowards you cowards. What a waste of human flesh.


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