It's Not That Hatd To Get Over Someone

It's not hard to get over someone. It's not 'easier said than done' either. It's not worth the dwelling, the tears, the heartache. Getting over someone is not hard at all.

Grieving period? For what? What are we grieving? No one died. All that happened is we broke up, be it mutual or bad blood. What are we crying for? Stop your crying. Wipe your tears. Save them for a joyous day.

If you broke up with someone. Don't cry. Obviously it wasn't working out and you wasn't feeling it enough to know that it wouldn't last. Be happy you caught the bullshit before it exploded. Be happy that you don't have to deal with it anymore. Only thing I will say is, I hope it was the right decision and you didn't let the right one get away.

If someone broke up with you. THEIR LOST, NOT YOURS! Remember that. You didn't lose anything. You gained a lesson. You gained experience. You gain a chance to get with someone better. Don't dwell on their bullshit and mistakes.

Don't. DO NOT! I repeat. PLEASE! Do not jump into a relationship with another person. Give yourself some time. Not to think about what went wrong. Give yourself sometimes for yourself. You just got out of a relationship. Try being alone for two weeks to a month. Grow and learn from your past experience. Then get into a relationship.

Stop thinking about being alone. Jumping in and out of relationship is not good. YOU WILL END UP ALONE. Taking some time off for yourself, growing and learning, and eventually finding other ways to make you feel loved. Seriously no one can love you the way you can love yourself. Taking time off is good, because once you get into a relationship, it will last longer than any of the "jump-in, jump-out" flings you were having before.

I got a little off topic for a minute.

It's not hard at all. It's not easy either. You will live. Just don't dwell on it. Move on. There is better. Trust me.


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