Spring is Here! The Thirsties Are Out!

Love the Spring, hate the fever. The thirsties are out! You better hide ya kids, hide ya wives, and hide ya husbands, cus they coming after everybody out here!

Spring is my favorite season, well Mid-Spring, but Spring nonetheless is my favorite season followed by Fall/Autumn. I have a love/hate relationship with Summer and Winter. Back to my point.

As much as I love Spring, there are some a few things that I dislike. I won't get into all of them. Going by the title of this blog, you can already guess what I'm talking about... "The Thirsties"!

Spring brings Spring Fever or "Love" Fever and that means only two thing; some couples are becoming closer and some couple break it off to find new interests. Yes love, lust and breakups is in the air. So be prepared.

What does this have to do with thirsties? Figure it out. It's Spring, love or lust is in the air, and its time to break out the shorts, short shorts, skirts, miniskirts, and tank tops, baby tee, bikini's and so on. These hoes are on a mission. BEWARE!

Look out your window. Do you see 'em out there? The ones who get a little happy for the weather and start wearing attires that not appropriate for the mismatching weather. They only come out in the Spring and Summer, and sparingly come out in the fall and winter. They travel in packs so its not hard to miss them. Flirting and hollering at any guy that walks by. Claiming they only date this and that type of guy, but end up with opposite. You know. This is their season and they coming after you, your man, your woman, friends, family.

If you see one. Turn the other way. They can smell fear and insecurity. Though they are scared, timid and insecure themselves.

How to spot a thirsty?
1. They travel in pacts. Sometimes small, somtimes big and they never stay in the same pact for long. So you might the same one in a different pact.
2. They wearing clothing too short, too tight, and that they shouldn't be wearing.
3. They mostly go after people in relationships rarely someone single.
4. They thirsty.

And nowadays these thirsties are evolving. They're becoming smart and disguising themselves. But in the end the truth comes out.


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