Reaching My Boiling Point With the Family

I have never in my life disliked my family. Never. I despise my family. I want out of this family. I wish I had a genie and I can be removed. One day I wake up and the only person I have in my life is my mother. This family is so... UUUUGGGGHHH!!! Backstabbers, liars, phony, evil, stupid, disrespectful and just done right wrong. They are weak and bunch of crybabies. I am to not have the Simmons/Turner/Robinson traits. I am PROUD to be a Johnson. I am proud to have my fathers blood in me. I am proud to have the Johnson traits inside of me. I don't baby the situation, I don't make big deals out of the smallest dumbest thing. I don't live in fear and paranoia. I care, but I know life and if it is meant to happen it will. No matter what. I truly wish that one day, when I leave I will never look back and I won't regret it. I hope and pray that day will come much sooner than later. Because I am tired of this shit.


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