Thinking About A Certain Someone....!

Here lately for the past month and a half, I have been thinking and dreaming about this person. Nothing sexual, just been thinking about them. I had talk to a couple of people and they said it could be that I miss this person. No help becuase I already knew that, but why? Why am I miss this person who I haven't talked to in almost a year? I started to think about it.

Usually when I think of a person I haven't talked to in a while. It is a sign that I miss them, but it is also something more to it. Last time this had happen, I got a call from a friend telling me something had happened to the person I was thinking about. So that could be it too. Not sure though.

It could also be that we have unresolved issues that need to be resolve. We did/do have some issues between us. So much drama and things have happened and we just left it at that. It's not eating at me though. Also things that has caused the problem in our unresolves issues keep popping up. For instance this guy, who some say caused the problem, my cousin went on a field study with his school to visit different colleges. He ended up visting the same school the guy goes to and he saw him and told me about it. The other day last week, I talked to a friend, that was met mutually by this person. So all of this could be a sign that I may need to talk to this person and resolves things and close this chapter.

So I decided to call this person, but I remember being told they changed their number. So I can't do that. Then I decided to contact this person through a social community. I sent them a message telling them to call me and why I just suddenly hit them up. So I'll be waiting for a message back or a phone call from them.

I do hope to talk to this person and maybe settle things with them and close the chapter on this book of my life.


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