Some people aren't worth it!

Some people aren’t worth your time or happiness. Love those who love you, leave those who curse you, pray for those who hate you.

Definition of a Prick

Prick: (n)
An asshole, who knows he's an asshole, and doesn't give a fuck. Prick's know they're better than asshole's because assholes care that everyone thinks they're assholes. Pricks have Dicks and therefore don't give a fuck what everyone else thinks. Now please quit confusing pricks for mere assholes.

Do Better Blues

If I could do better. You can do better too. But I don't want better, because I'm only better with you.

If you could better. I can do better too. But I don't need better. It only gets better with you.
In a relationship, she only wants three things:
Eyes that won't cry.
Lips that won't lie.
Love that won't die.

Lyrics by Jhene Aiko

Busy Weekend Ahead

I'm looking for this weekend more than I have any other weekend. I'm gonna be pretty busy. Visiting favorite cousin on the low end. I would be going to Lisle but something came up. Maybe next time. I might try to hit up the other woman, lol, if she ain't doing anything.

I gotta keep myself active and out there. Oh yeah I'm checking out the movie Limitless this weekend too. I'm contemplating on if I wanna see SuckerPunch. I'm a bit back and forth on that. I can go see both.

Yeah well that about it.